falling behind

Guess who fell behind on blogging and other things this season? I have come to accept that being a full time university student with a generally busy schedule (who also happens to be moving) takes my time and focus. Although I feel as if I have been playing catch-up, I know that the new year…

zero waste challenge

I am taking part in a thirty-day zero waste challenge for the month of October!

shampoo bars, part two

five months ago I purchased my first shampoo bar, here are my thoughts on the product and experience

5 zero waste christmas gift ideas

According to Zero Waste Canada, household waste can increase by more than 25% during the holiday season. Rethinking the season of giving can help prevent and reduce the amount of trash produced through the holidays. I believe that being mindful and recognizing the waste we make can help us take steps to make less waste….

9 Tips for Zero Waste Shopping at the Grocery Store

Packaging from food is a huge contributor to a household’s waste – but it doesn’t have to be this way. Many items bought at the grocery store come in some form of packaging that is only used once before it ends up in the garbage can. ¬†With many households going to the grocery store once,…

Hello and Welcome to kindlykrista.ca!

This website will be a place where I can share what I believe in and keep a visual record of my adventures. I truly hope that you enjoy reading my posts, viewing my photos and keeping up with me. Whether you are interested in living a low-impact lifestyle or have lived one for years, I…