four easy ways to add gratitude to your life this month

Gratitude is defined as the readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness and is considered one of the most commonly neglected emotions. Research related to gratitude has found that expressing and acknowledging gratitude improves quality of life and human well-being – which is why it is important to pay know how to show…

zero waste challenge

I am taking part in a thirty-day zero waste challenge for the month of October!

is your birth control vegan?

when making the switch to veganism, it’s important to consider all of the products you use. following a vegan diet and living a vegan lifestyle are two different things. a vegan diet excludes eating all animal products, but does not exclude the use of animal based items. animal based items can include leather, wool, feathers,…

shampoo bars, part two

five months ago I purchased my first shampoo bar, here are my thoughts on the product and experience

October 2017

From my weekend in Waterloo visiting my friends Payton and Drew.