nemaska so far

I moved to Nemaska, Quebec for the Summer on May 13th, 2018. Here are some photos of my trip thus far. above is my bedroom. it has 40 spider-man stickers and a tasteful spider-man boarder for decoration. above is me: one month in, two more to go. this photo is from my first off-reserve trip…

thank you april

April 1st was Easter this means seeing and eating with family, meeting the newest addition to the extended family, and of course – taking a toddlers lead for an easter egg hunt. Since I finished school so early and my job starts late into the term, I have an entire month off. During this time,…

busy beaver

Seaton Hiking Trail, Valley Farm Road Entrance. March 2018.

foggy seaton trail hike

views of the foggy pathways one of my favourite trees in the area found a fern through branch views before and after i fell off this log some tracks in the snow   Seaton Trail will always be one of my favourite spots for a quick hike because I live so close to one of…

early november hike

Due to an unfortunate processing error, WordPress has deleted over 100 of my photos. I apologize for any inconvenience. Saturday, November 4th, 2017 10:00 – 11:00 Seaton Trail, Pickering, Ontario Whites Road Entrance A collection of my favourite photos \