new housemates

I have moved! Into a house! With my bestfriends and their dog!


my (almost) zero-waste grocery trip

I tried – and almost did it.

used vs new sweaters

I used being cold as an excuse to buy myself a new sweater and decided to see what I could have got for the same price while shopping second-hand.

18 goals for 2018

With 2017 coming to a finish, it’s time to think ahead. What do you want to accomplish in the new year?

the book every canadian should read

Wenjack, by Joseph Boyden (2016) Wenjack is a powerful story that sheds light on the mistreatment of First Nations children taken to residential schools. I acquired this book through a book swap with my good friend Lauren. For the month of December we traded books by our favourite authors. I lent her The Heart Goes…

mood tracking

This is my mood tracker for the 2017 year. I started tracking my mood to visualize my emotions and mood throughout the year. I believe that recognizing and acknowledging how I feel is the first step to improving my mood. Now, after almost twelve full months, I can look back, see how I felt and…

december hikes

Thus far, I have been on more than 15 hikes this month, all ranging from one to three and a half hours in duration on various trails in Southern Ontario. My goal is to spend more time outdoors in Winter compared to previous Winters and to enjoy myself while appreciating my surroundings. Here are some…

what I’m reading: the bear

The Bear, by Claire Cameron (2014) I recently picked up this book from a thrift store in preparation for a series of long drives. I am not sure what about this book caught my attention, however, I am glad it did as it was a great read for a not-so-busy weekend. The Bear is a…

vegan vs cruelty-free

when it comes to cosmetic and other household products, the terms cruelty free and vegan are commonly used interchangeably – however, these terms mean two different things. the market for animal friendly products is in full bloom but do people know the difference between these two terms and what they mean for animals? cruelty free…

self love: what it is and why it matters

“Self love requires you to be honest about your current choices and thought patterns and undertake new practices that reflect self-worth.”¬† – Caroline Kirk self love, defined self love is defined as a desirable characteristic where someone pays attention to their happiness and overall well-being, however,¬†self-love is different for everyone. what self love is for…

5 zero waste christmas gift ideas

According to Zero Waste Canada, household waste can increase by more than 25% during the holiday season. Rethinking the season of giving can help prevent and reduce the amount of trash produced through the holidays. I believe that being mindful and recognizing the waste we make can help us take steps to make less waste….