one year of kindly krista

March 2018 marks one year of! I can’t believe it’s been an entire year since I first posted. when I first had the idea to develop a website for myself I was unsure what type of content I would post or even if I would keep up with it. I am very glad that…

making the most of clothing: dress alterations

buying new clothes is expensive and unnecessarily consumes resources. see the value in repairing your clothes.

a new adventure

I am so pleased to announce that I have accepted a job offer from the Kinectt Sports Academy in Nemiscau, Quebec! Starting mid-May 2018, I will be driving up to the community for 14 weeks for my new job as a Youth Engagement Programmer! This was my third year of applying to this job and…

foggy seaton trail hike

views of the foggy pathways one of my favourite trees in the area found a fern through branch views before and after i fell off this log some tracks in the snow   Seaton Trail will always be one of my favourite spots for a quick hike because I live so close to one of…

homemade vegan sushi

it is reading week which means I am home for a few days to relax, catch up on assignments, and of course: read. as someone who doesn’t make the trip home very often, i make spending time with friends from high school a priority. on snapchat a friend of mine posted a photo of some…

craving spring

I am craving spring. The holidays were over a month ago, the snow keeps on falling, I want to go for a run without a bitter cold breeze. Freezing rain. Shovelling and walking to the bus stop are the only activities I do outdoors. I get like this every February. I want to spend more…

new housemates

I have moved! Into a house! With my bestfriends and their dog!

used vs new sweaters

I used being cold as an excuse to buy myself a new sweater and decided to see what I could have got for the same price while shopping second-hand.

18 goals for 2018

With 2017 coming to a finish, it’s time to think ahead. What do you want to accomplish in the new year?