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i am krista and this is my blog where i share bits and pieces of my thoughts, opinions, and adventures. i love being outdoors, spending time with family and friends, good food, and all the simple joys in life.

i am twenty years old and spend most of my time either focusing on my studies or sleeping. in my free time i enjoy board game cafes, live music, being active and reading. i spend a lot of time outdoors participating in activities like hiking, kayaking, plant identification, mushroom hunting, and tree planting.

i am working towards a bachelors of environmental studies at the university of waterloo, focusing my degree on ecological restoration and environmental assessment policy. i am not sure where i will end up career wise, but i believe it will be in environmental education.

here i am posing with a pizza at a vegan pizza party organized by the KW Vegan Society. 03/04/2017

from september 2017 to the end of december 2017, i will be living and working at an outdoor education facility for the toronto district school board. in this position i will be working alongside a teacher leading and teaching various science programs to fifth, sixth and seventh graders.

in january 2018, i will be back in waterloo for full-time studies until early april.

starting in may of 2018, i will be moving to nemaska, quebec for thirteen to fourteen weeks for work. this will be my third trip to the province, however, living in an indigenous community for three months is very different than visiting montreal for a weekend. i do not know what my role will consist of yet, however, i believe it will be planning health and fitness activities and workshops for the community.

life is a journey, and i would like to share mine.
thank you for being here.

photos on this blog are taken with either a Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo, iPhone 8, or a Canon Powershot G5X, please note that all images on this site are mine unless otherwise stated.



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