the hunt for the lakeside daisy

In mid-June I took a ten day trip to the Bruce Peninsula to conduct an insect survey with the University of Waterloo. Being part of a small and cohesive team with a job to do can lead to some of the best days outdoors and spending time together in our down-time is always end up cherishing.

Having worked and visited the Bruce Peninsula many times, I looked forward to what I knew the area had to offer. Beautiful dark skies, plenty of flowers, and gorgeous water.

One particular day after working we opted to drive out to an alvar on the  Bruce Peninsula in search of a Threatened plant species: the Lakeside Daisy (Tetraneuris herbacea). Due to the late Spring we experienced this year, the flower was still in full bloom and there were a few hundred individuals in full flower. For me, this was a species I had likely seen in my years of visiting the Bruce Peninsula but had not realized it was a species at risk. It was great to see it again and know of its significance to the region.

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