canada’s single-use plastics ban is coming

On Monday June 10th, 2019 it was reported that the Trudeau government will be implementing a ban on single-use plastics starting in 2021! This process will reportedly start with various efforts to reduce plastic pollution to make an adjustment ahead of the ban which could come into effect in 2021.

Plastic is everywhere. It is in our stores and houses and winds up polluting our waters, beaches, and natural areas. Each year, Canadians throw away more than three million tonnes of plastic waste and according to the Environmental Defense, less than 11% of all plastics in Canada are recycled. It is about time Canada joins the “ban-wagon” and starts restricting public use and access to plastic materials.

Going plastic free, and zero-wasters already know this, is not an over-night transformation. The governments plan to set targets to gradually reduce plastic usage and production in Canada will go a long way in making changes easier for Canadians.

I am eagerly waiting for more details on this eco-friendly development and hearing about which single-use plastic items will be on the ban-list for Canada.

I look forward to living in a Canada with less plastic and am truly looking forward to seeing progress made in the 2020s!

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