i wish bugs were bigger

Ten years ago, two years ago, and even just two months ago you would never have heard me say that I wished bugs were bigger. My interest in insects was a solid zero, my (irrational) fear of bugs was a solid four out of ten, and my desire to learn about bugs only ever made it above a five when I was bitten by something or found a new bug I thought would eat my garden plants. I didn’t even realize my ignorance surrounding insects as an entire animal group before two weeks ago. I knew nothing but the common names for a few common insects found around me.

As much as I wish I could say that it was my own interest and dedication to understanding the world around me that has lead to the approximately twenty hours I have invested in learning the about the world of insects – I cannot. I only borrowed books on insect identification from the library after I realized I needed to learn about eleven different Orders of insect species for a course I am taking this summer.

Although my newfound interest originated from a school related necessity, I can truly say that the time I have spent learning about insects has opened my eyes to things I had previously ignored. I have actually become interested insects and insect identification which is where the title comes from: bugs are too small – and I wish they were bigger.

The next few weeks ahead of me include completing more drawings of different species, reading more about the different Orders I need to learn, and looking with intent at the insects I see (hence why I wish they were bigger!).

Nightly reading material while on the road!

Anyone else working on their insect identification skills and have any tips to share for a beginner? Let me know below!

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