falling behind

Guess who fell behind on blogging and other things this season?

I have come to accept that being a full time university student with a generally busy schedule (who also happens to be moving) takes my time and focus. Although I feel as if I have been playing catch-up, I know that the new year will bring more free time than I have experienced in the past three years. This feeling won’t last much longer.

On December 23rd I successfully completed moving and I do not start work until early-mid January. This gives me time to catch up and get ahead on posts for the new year.

Here is what I have been up to:

Earlier this month I hosted a card (and sushi) making day for myself and a few friends! Bells, paint, glitter, buttons, hot glue, string, greenery, and card-stock made for some lovely homemade Christmas cards. It was a bring what you have event for both sushi ingredients and card decor supplies. The collaboration and sharing of items worked out well and bouncing ideas off of friends led to a very successful session.

In visiting a friend of mine, I was happy to stumble across a dog toy with a repurposed backpack strap! Resourceful way to extend the life of both the backpack and the dog toy.

In November I won the Zero Waste Challenge in Waterloo! I chose not to accept the reward/prize accompanying this email simply because I didn’t need it! However, I’m glad to have been a winner and you can read more about the challenge here.


I may have little waste destined for landfill, however, my family has a habit of purchasing too much food, leading to food waste. Above is a photo of the process of making a pear and squash soup. Step one is to peel the pears and I didn’t want to waste them so I decided to get creative and use them! I made a delicious toasted oatmeal dish with the pear skins, small pieces of pear, brown sugar, cinnamon, and maple syrup. This wound up filling a small bowl and was delicious!


Lastly, and what may be the most interesting or impressive thing I have done in the last month: my meme debut in the Wild Green Memes for Ecological Fiends Facebook group. At 3am in the morning on Christmas Day, I made this meme and decided to submit it to the WGMFEF group. It was approved and was a big success! It received over 200 shares and 2’300 likes over the next day. I have made memes before to share with close friends but maybe I’ll make and share them publicly more often in the new year!

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