zero waste challenge

I will be participating in the thirty-day Zero Waste Challenge from October 1st to October 30th. The Zero Waste Challenge is an annual event hosted by REEP Green Solutions for the Waterloo Region. You can register online through their website for one of their two challenges: 7 days, or 30 days.

They ask that you register, get a 1litre jar, consider where you can reduce your waste production, connect with other participants, and share your progress on social media.


Well, people produce a lot of waste and one contributing factor is that some people do not know what they can compost or recycle. One of the main components to reducing your waste is understanding what waste you create and learning about the diversion systems available to you.

I think zero-waste challenges are important because it makes the participant hold onto what they would otherwise throw away and gives the opportunity for reflection and improvement. I participated in a similar challenge many years ago while I was in high school and found the process to be very eye-opening. I had been putting recyclable or compostable materials in my garbage bin simply because it was the most available bin. After the challenge I placed a small recycling bin in my room and the amount of material being placed in my garbage bin reduced.

I look forward to seeing what I will gain from participating in this thirty-day challenge.

I started my jar on September 15th for my own effort and found out about the local challenge and decided to merge efforts. At the end of the challenge I will review the contents of my jar to better understand my waste habits to identify areas I can improve.

Please note that I will not be holding onto my used feminine products for sanitary purposes. Instead I will be noting how many changes I make during my period. Over the course of this challenge, I should have two periods.

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