is your birth control vegan?

when making the switch to veganism, it’s important to consider all of the products you use. following a vegan diet and living a vegan lifestyle are two different things. a vegan diet excludes eating all animal products, but does not exclude the use of animal based items. animal based items can include leather, wool, feathers, fur, and silk.

when I first committed to the change, I didn’t question whether or not my birth control was vegan. the thought never came to my mind. It wasn’t until I came across the topic on a vegan forum on Facebook that I had the realization that something I used every day was likely not vegan. after some simple research, I discovered that the product I was using for birth control was indeed vegan, but that methods I had used in the past had not been.

ladies, I encourage you to review the ingredients of your birth control and check if your brand tests on animals. there are vegan-friendly alternatives available.

vegan condoms: sustain natural, glyde
most condom brands are not vegan and contain animal-based ingredients. latex is a common condom ingredient which contains casein – a milk protein.

it is possible to find hormonal options that do not contain any animal-based ingredients, however, in Canada – it is not possible to find a hormonal option that was not tested on animals.
Health Canada states that prior to conducting any human trials, testing on animals similar to humans is required. this pertains to hormonal birth control methods such as the pill, the patch, and the shot. additionally, some brands of birth control pills also include milk-based ingredients.

the IUD, intrauterine device, was tested on animals during their development.


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