shampoo bars, part two

Following up on a previous post from April of this year: shampoo bars explained what a shampoo bar is, how to use it, and why to switch from bottled liquid shampoos. Now, I have finished my first shampoo bar and can give a thorough review of the experience.

At the beginning of April, I purchased the Jason-and-the-Argon-Oil shampoo bar from Lush. I had finished a bottle of liquid shampoo and decided it was time to find lower-impact hair care products. Lush’s shampoo bars are package free and produce no waste – making it the perfect choice for me! I spoke with a very informative customer service representative in store and she brought me to the best bars for my hair. I was advised that how long the bar lasts depends on frequency of use, and how much used per wash. Specifically, because my hair is quite long – it was inferred that it would not last as long as someone with short hair. I was expecting around 2.5-3.5 months worth of usage.

Long story short: I got five months of use out of one shampoo bar.
I enjoyed the scent and how long it lasted. My hair felt and looked clean after each use. I took this product camping with ease. This product was convenient to use and store. My hair quickly adapted to the change of shampoos (2-3 washes). My hair felt clean for days after each use and decreased my need to shower/wash my hair.

Lush advertises that one bar can outlast 2-3 bottles of liquid shampoo.
I may not have previously taken accurate notes on how many bottles I would go through a year, however, I feel as if my experience matched this. The bar lasting me 5 months eliminated two-and-a-half bottles of liquid shampoo according to my estimates.

Without hesitation, I have purchased a second shampoo bar from Lush and intend to continue using these waste-free hair care products. One shampoo bar costs under $13.00 with tax, produces no waste, and has healthier ingredients than most liquid shampoos.

This review pertains to my experience with Lush’s Jason-and-the-Argon-Oil shampoo bar. I have long, non-oily, never-coloured, fine hair. This shampoo worked for me. People with different hair types may have different experiences or may prefer a different shampoo bar. Speaking with a customer service representative about your hair’s needs can help find you the shampoo bar that will best suit your hair. I recommend making an in-store visit to purchase your first shampoo bar for the best chance at positive results.



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