thank you april

multiple grown adults following a toddler on the hunt for easter eggs

April 1st was Easter
this means seeing and eating with family, meeting the newest addition to the extended family, and of course – taking a toddlers lead for an easter egg hunt.

newest baby being held by a very happy grandmother

Since I finished school so early and my job starts late into the term, I have an entire month off. During this time, I feel that it is important to ensure that I am up and out of the house and being productive each day. When asked to watch a friend’s dog Monday through Friday – I jumped at the opportunity to have a responsibility that would take me out of the house each day. This is that friend’s cat.

cat cat cat cat cat cat

Before one of my exams, a friend of mine purchased a sandwich from an on campus eatery. In addition to the plastic lined paper bag, the sandwich was wrapped in a plastic wrap. Very disappointing, I hope this double-plastic-wrap isn’t a regular occurrence and I will be looking out for it if I ever choose to purchase food on campus.

packaging fail!!

A natural area in Pickering is undergoing a renovation. A couple hundred trees at the entrance to a 1km hiking loop have been removed – and evidently been made into woodchips. I look forward to the outcome of this project. If there had been notice of this demolition – I would have taken a true before image – however, there was no proper notice.

on a quick hike with my dad, I came across this surprisingly well-built structure – compared to the multiple other half-built structures.


another hike find, ground ripped apart by a fallen tree.


Thank you April for the adventures and blessing you brought me. Here’s to hoping May 2018 is just as kind! I fly out to Nemaska, Quebec on May 13th – here’s to preparing for the new adventure ahead!

What did April 2018 bring into your life?


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