what i’m reading: braiding sweetgrass


Braiding Sweetgrass
by Robin Wall Kimmerer (2015)

This was a required novel for one of my courses this past Winter semester and I am very glad I had the pleasure of reading this book during my undergraduate career. I read this book everywhere: on the bus during my commute to campus, at work while on break, at home in my bed. I couldn’t put it down and found it difficult to stop to avoid being ahead of my class for the purpose of discussion.

Kimmerer shares many of her experiences, theories, and adventures with traditional knowledge and western education. There are many valuable lessons and tales to find in this novel. I believe that engaging with cultures other than our own is very important to live a holistic life. In this novel, Kimmerer certainly represents her heritage and beliefs well.

Something I hoped to do more of this year was read more non-fiction. Overall, this book is very entertaining and serves as a great choice for those who don’t typically opt for non-fiction reads.  I strongly recommend this book for anyone looking to read either something different or for a reader who wants to ease into reading more non-fiction novels.


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