shampoo bars

what is a shampoo bar?

a shampoo bar is simply shampoo in solid form, resembling a bar of soap.
one bar can serve up to eighty washes according to some of the companies that make them. how long these bars last heavily depends on how much product you use when washing, how often you wash, and how much hair you have.

how do i use a shampoo bar?

using a shampoo bar is very simple and is just like using liquid shampoo.
on wet hair, gently massage the shampoo bar into your hair and scalp. this will create some light bubbling. rinse out your hair after using the shampoo bar and condition if you desire!
after each use, leave the bar out to dry.

why use a shampoo bar?

the ingredients in shampoo bars are very different than the ingredients found in liquid conditioners. many liquid shampoos claim to help improve hair health, however, some ingredients found in these products have been found to strip hair and scalp of their natural moisture. solid shampoo bar ingredients vary from company to company, however, some retailers list their ingredients – all being natural or safe synthetics.

as you can see from the photo above, shampoo bars are very compact and do not take up much space. this can make travelling easier as these bars are light and can join you on the go. this can make flying, camping, and taking your hair care products with you to the gym easier.

package free means that shampoo bars can be zero-waste lifestyle friendly. liquid shampoo typically comes in plastic bottles which can be recycled, however, by choosing a shampoo bar – this eliminates the production of plastic bottles made for hair care products. this conserves resources and energy from both production and recycling efforts.

get more bang for your buck! one shampoo bar can outlast more than three bottles of liquid shampoo. this can save you a lot of money on hair care as some companies offer their shampoo bars for less than $7.00 each while bottles can cost $3-5 each! additionally, by using a shampoo bar, you are able to use the product until the entire product is gone. bottles can reduce the ability to use all of the product as not all of the liquid shampoo will be able to be extracted.



With all of the traveling I have coming up during the rest of the year, I chose to purchase a travel container. By purchasing the shampoo bar with this case – it became package free! Lush Cosmetics offers compostable bags by their shampoo bars – however, by purchasing a travel container – the product was completely package free.

where can i get one?

Lush Cosmetics makes shampoo bars and has a wide collection of scented shampoo and conditioner bars. their shampoo bars can be viewed here. I suggest going in-store to purchase as you can request a free sample of their conditioner or soap products to try.

Chagrin Valley Soap & Salve Company makes many different shampoo bars and their website allows you to search for specific ingredients and filter out non vegan bars. unlike Lush Cosmetics, you can purchase sample sizes online. their shampoo bars can be viewed here.

Rocky Mountain Soap Company currently offers one shampoo bar. Their bar costs less than both the Chagrin and Lush Cosmetics bar options and can be viewed here.

have you used a shampoo bar before? what are your thoughts?


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