cleaning natural areas


here it is
one hour of picking up littered garbage at a local park


my dad and i regularly visit local hiking trails and now that the snow is gone, the littered garbage from the winter season is no longer buried.
earlier this month my dad and i went to the most popular hiking trail in pickering, ontario – seaton trail. we brought bags and gloves and got to work. in one hour, we had filled two bags.

we found:


3 plastic straws  |  5 food wrappers  |  1 plastic lighter  | 1 plastic coffee stir stick  |  various receipts  |  1 photograph


1 piece of styrofoam  |  19 plastic coffee lids


1 tube of lip-gloss  |  3 cigarettes  |  28 coffee cups (1 mcdonalds, 3 starbucks, 2 local gas station, 22 tim hortons)  |  4 broken dog toys


6 cans  |  4.5 plastic cups  |  3 plastic lids  |  12 plastic bottles  |  3 glass bottles

i strongly encourage you to take action into your own hands and do what you can to make a difference. get some friends together to make the afternoon more fun. document your weirdest and most interesting finds. discourage littering in your community.

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