craving spring

I am craving spring. The holidays were over a month ago, the snow keeps on falling, I want to go for a run without a bitter cold breeze. Freezing rain. Shovelling and walking to the bus stop are the only activities I do outdoors.

I get like this every February. I want to spend more time outside, but I don’t like being cold or enjoy the snow. Snow is nice for the holidays, but it isn’t where I want to spend my time past New Years.

I miss the sun, most days feel gloomy and grey. I’ve noticed that the days are getting longer, the sun sets later than it did last month. I wish I could skip the slow process and jump to when the sun sets around 8 or 9 in the evening and the snow is gone.

Here are some photos of a plant currently in bloom at my house that keep me happy. Thanksgiving Cactus.

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