my (almost) zero-waste grocery trip

I almost did it. An almost completely waste-free grocery shopping trip.
Here is what I purchased, what is not waste-free, and why I shop the way I do.


what was purchased:
three bananas, one bag of bean sprouts, one bunch of beets, bread, two crowns of broccoli, one and a half dozen brussel sprouts, one eggplant, two green peppers, three heads of lettuce, a dozen mushrooms, one box of orange juice, one bunch of spinach, a block of extra firm tofu, two jars of tomato sauce, and one zucchini

what is not waste-free:
In Waterloo Region, the tofu packaging, plastic bread and bean sprouts bags, and orange juice container are recyclable. The bread expiry tag and beet and spinach bounds are not, making these items not.
not pictured: the reusable bags I carried these items home in, or the unavoidable auto-printed receipt
note: the plastic container I used to contain the brussel sprouts came from a package of mushrooms I purchased last year and have been reusing ever since


In the future, I would prefer to purchase bean sprouts and tofu without any packaging, but that is currently not an option at any of the grocery stores around me.

why i shop this way, a thought

Canadians produce a lot of garbage Рand much of that (when paying attention) is avoidable. Most households visit a grocery store more than once a week Рmaking how we shop at grocery stores the best place to look at being more sustainable. We bring so much food into our homes Рand with it we bring the packaging that may not be necessary.

Considering my grocery trip from today, where I was actively making choices to limit the waste I took home, imagine what I may have purchased and how much waste I would have produced if I had not been making conscious choices.

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