used vs new sweaters

Waterloo, Ontario is cold. It is -17 degrees Celsius today, was -15 degrees yesterday, and will be going down to -24 degrees over the weekend. After moving into a new house for the term – I discovered that the heat in my bedroom is not sufficient. I also discovered that I only brought one sweater with me that is considerably old and in poor shape. I quickly came to the conclusion that I should invest in more sweaters. When I was on campus, I decided to check out their sweater selection and I was surprised at how expensive the clothes had become.

To be fair, for the past few years, I only by used clothes (other than socks,undergarments and items for special occasions) and have gotten used to the second-hand prices.

I purchased a very plain sweater branded with my school’s logo and went home. I later was talking to my friends about my need for sweaters without breaking the bank – and one of them recommended I check out a small second-hand store in Kitchener: Plato’s Closet.

Here is the sweater I purchased new from the store on campus:

One sweater for a total of $45.19 after taxes

Plato’s Closet was a nice sized and very organized thrift store focusing on brand-name women’s clothing and accessories. I quickly found the sweater and long-sleeved sections and chose a few pieces to try on.

Here is what I purchased second-hand from Plato’s Closet:

One long-sleeved shirt and two sweaters for a total of $46.33 after taxes

The black sweater I purchased is comfier and warmer than the sweater I purchased new from the campus store and was a great find for a month into Winter.

Honestly, I cannot wait to return the sweater I bought on campus and wear the ones I bought used. I got the more from the second-hand clothes for essentially the same amount of money – and as a broke university student – this is fantastic.


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