the winter break

Later today I will be back in the classroom for another four months of school. I haven’t been in a classroom regularly due to illness and co-op since November 2016 and have been looking forward to learning and being surrounded by friends again. Here’s to looking back at the four weeks I have had off of work and school. Unfortunately, I didn’t quite capture the joy of celebrating the beginning of the new year, my trip to Port Dover, the excitement of moving into my new apartment, or the many movie nights and outings with friends – however, I am so thankful I got to spend the time with my friends and family that I did.

Christmas 2017
Christmas 2017


Here is my younger sister, Lexi, and I on Christmas, We both didn’t like this photo which is what made it great for putting on the internet. This photo was semi-posed, as in – we had posed for a photo and then this one was taken semi-candidly afterwards.


I have had a great time getting outside and exploring my surroundings both by myself – and with a partner. I always feel better after spending some time outdoors. I had great hikes, fantastic company, some laughs, – and fun.

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