18 goals for 2018

Here are my eighteen goals for 2018 (in no particular order)!

Image result for what if you simply devoted this year to loving yourself more


one      get outdoors every single day

go outside, go camping, find new trails, make new paths, take friends with you, adventure.

two      dedicate more time to creating

i enjoy creating – whether it be painting, drawing, writing, or pressing plants – it’s all about the outcome. sometimes i will scrap what i am working on when i don’t like the direction it seems to be heading in but i need to focus less on perfection and more on outcome. i believe spending more time on creating artwork will be beneficial to me as a person.

three      tackle nagging tasks first

some unfinished tasks weigh on my mind and become disproportionately draining when i haven’t completed them – neglecting my important to-do-list tasks is self-sabotage. the mood boost i get from crossing things off of my to-do-list is quite dramatic and it’s something i should be starting my day with.

four      focus on friendships

reach out to old friends. invest time and effort in making, repairing and building friendships. remember birthdays. bring people together. show up and be present. everyone needs friends, people tend to be happier when with other people. i want to focus on strengthening my relationships with others and make new connections.

five      social media better

instagram, twitter, facebook, snapchat, and of course, wordpress. use these apps with purpose. aimlessly scrolling through posts and advertisements that don’t mean much is a huge time-suck and does not add to my life. instead, i want to use these apps to find information or share things of importance.

six      get better sleep

this is all about living better and having energy. sleep is such a large component to mental and physical health and it’s important to rest your body and mind. nap only when necessary, avoid staying up too late, don’t use the weekend as an excuse to sleep in, reduce caffeine intake, avoid bright screens in the evening.

seven      spend more time with family

this is self-explanatory. family comes first. i want to spend more time with one of my sisters, my parents, my cousins, my aunts and uncles. create memories, take more photos, start traditions, spend more meaningful time together.

eight      stick to a budget

i have always been good with money – i am a saver for sure – but since moving out for university i haven’t reviewed my expenses and it’s about time i critically considered my spending habits and where i spend my money.

nine      reduce screen time

i am guilty of having youtube or netflix on “in the background” as i do homework and i recognize that it is an unworthy distraction. i am also guilty of picking up my phone to scroll through social media or play nonsense games when i am bored. there are real benefits to reducing screen time, including: having more time, being more productive, less dependence on the internet, and most importantly -being more present and purposeful with others.

ten      cook more

i would like to expand my skills in the kitchen. i consider myself to be a good cook, however, sometimes i will order take out. when you cook for yourself, you know what you are putting into your body – and you are more likely to make good choices. additionally, the trash generated when ordering take out is not worth it and anything that can be done to reduce my environmental impact is a good choice.

eleven      make more time for exercise

i think this is a goal a lot of people make for the new year – but a lot of people make it unsustainable, get discouraged, and do not follow through. exercise, for me, is about stress relief, feeling better, and being strong – and those are all good things so i should be putting more time aside in my life to take care of my body.

twelve      let go of anger

“the past will eat you alive, but the future will save you.” simply put, the time and energy put into being angry can be better spent. holding onto anger only holds you down. take life less seriously, don’t let others influence your mood, take a step back, show gratitude.

thirteen      use commuting time productively

this year, i will be living further away from my school – giving me more time on a bus (approximately 7hr/week). finding something to do other than mindlessly focus on my phone with this time would be nice. the commuting time adds up – twenty-five minutes there and another twenty five minutes back – finding a way to use this time efficiently would be beneficial.

fourteen      get to know myself better

this is an on-going process, it happens over time. it takes critical thinking and self reflection. discover what makes me feel like me, what makes me happy – or sad, what i value, where i want to be in the future, the kind of people i want to be around, what my weaknesses are.

fifteen      grow professionally through new experiences

thus far, most of my work experience involves working with children. i would like to branch out professionally and gain experience in the field or in an office environment.

sixteen      read more non-fiction

turning my focus from reading fiction to nonfiction could be a beneficial change. reading nonfiction is where knowledge comes from. i want to find more nonfiction reading material that i have interest in and spend time reading and retaining knowledge.

seventeen      focus on health and well-being

i am my longest commitment. my health and well-being should be my number one priority at all times. take care of body and mind, rest when needed, nourish body, manage stress.

eighteen      experience more

take risks, accept invitations, just do it, live a little more, make more memories, have fun.

What are your aspirations for the new year?


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