mood tracking

This is my mood tracker for the 2017 year.


I started tracking my mood to visualize my emotions and mood throughout the year. I believe that recognizing and acknowledging how I feel is the first step to improving my mood. Now, after almost twelve full months, I can look back, see how I felt and remember what I was experiencing. I have found this process to be quite interesting.

My mood tracker is only one component of how I track my mood throughout the year. In June, I paired this chart with a written journal. I do not write in it every day, and try to keep it brief. I use the journal component to elaborate on how I am feeling as the chart does not provide much detail on what influenced my mood.

To represent my moods, I split them into six standard categories and gave them a colour:

  • pink for joyful, happy, good
  • light blue for motivated, active, productive
  • orange for normal, uneventful
  • green for sick, lazy, tired
  • red for angry, annoyed, frustrated
  • and purple for sad, insecure, anxious

Generally, the lighter colours are positive emotions, and the darker colours are the not-so-great emotions.

my 2018 mood tracker

This was my first full year tracking my mood, and I am prepared to continue in the new year. There have been sight changes to the categories in addition to a major layout change.

Here is my mood tracker for 2018.

I made some slight changes to the mood categories.

  • light blue, orange, green and red are the same
  • pink is now confident, joyful, and loving.
  • purple is now sad, empty, lost, and insecure.
  • a new (and still undecided) colour will cover uncomfortable, anxious, and stressed.

The new category’s purpose is to differentiate between sadness and anxiety.

They layout change is for two main reasons: 1) aesthetics/appearance, and 2) I noticed that some days of the week were better than others and wanted a layout that visualized the days of the week for a better understanding of my emotions and mood through the year.

want to track your mood?

I recommend mood tracking for anyone who wants to visualize how their emotions – or other things (menstrual cycle, medical symptoms, etc.) throughout the year.

Some other ideas for tracking your mood in the new year can be found here. Additionally, if recording your mood on paper doesn’t work for you – there are many app and online versions available.

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