december hikes

Thus far, I have been on more than 15 hikes this month, all ranging from one to three and a half hours in duration on various trails in Southern Ontario. My goal is to spend more time outdoors in Winter compared to previous Winters and to enjoy myself while appreciating my surroundings.

Here are some of my favourite photos from my December outings.

Preparing to make my mark on fresh snow, solo hike in the Rouge Valley.

Probably my coolest find while hiking this month (below). I was on a hike through the Rouge Valley with my friend Adam when we stumbled across this skeleton while venturing off path. The skull still had blood and fur attached to it. Another interesting aspect was the dozens of animal tracks in the snow around it. Please Note: This photo is from the day after Adam and I found it when I went back to continue exploring the area in the snow.





Evidence of wildlife: the resting place of a deer in the Rouge Valley.
Me, before the snowfall! Seaton Trail!
My dad, before the snowfall! Seaton Trail!

The shot below is from one of my last strolls on the island to the birdfeeder through the woods. I brought some birdseed to top off the feeder and sure enough – I was quite popular!



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