what I’m reading: the bear

The Bear, by Claire Cameron (2014)


I recently picked up this book from a thrift store in preparation for a series of long drives. I am not sure what about this book caught my attention, however, I am glad it did as it was a great read for a not-so-busy weekend.

The Bear is a book set in Algonquin park in 1991. The book features a family on a canoe trip that has an unfortunate encounter with a bear, leaving two young children to fend for themselves. What makes this book so interesting is that the entire story is told through the perspective of the five year old daughter. She describes what she sees and feels with a limited vocabulary and poor understanding of what is happening around her. The end of the novel, without spoilers, was very touching and made for an emotional read.

This book was gripping, I couldn’t put it down and I finished the novel in two days. I strongly recommend this book for anyone looking to read something different. The tone throughout this novel, as told by a five year old, can only be described as different – in a good way.

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