5 zero waste christmas gift ideas

According to Zero Waste Canada, household waste can increase by more than 25% during the holiday season. Rethinking the season of giving can help prevent and reduce the amount of trash produced through the holidays. I believe that being mindful and recognizing the waste we make can help us take steps to make less waste.

one     an experience

concert or sport tickets, vouchers for activities like bowling, mini golf, or escape rooms, when you give someone an experience, you are giving them memories – and those do not come packaged.

two     things that can replace one-time-use products

metal or glass straws/chopsticks, bamboo tooth or hair brushes, produce bags, and travel mugs – these items may come with some packaging, however, as an eco-friendly product, it is likely that the materials will be recyclable – and if not, at least the gift will reduce waste in time!

three     homemade items

do you make jam? pickles? candles? soap? candied nuts? do you knit or sew? do you work well with wood? when you make something, not only does the gift feel more personal – you create the packaging which can minimize waste produced.

four     money

money does not come prepackaged in plastic – making it a great zero-waste gift for this holiday season!

five     a subscription

a few months of netflix, a music streaming service, a gym, adding  value to someones’s transit card. subscriptions are gifts that keep on giving and can be made online – thus creating no garbage!

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