my id guides

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newcomb’s wildflower guide // lawrence newcomb
This is my first ever – and most commonly used – plant identification guide. It was listed as a required textbook for one of my first ever university courses and was probably the best $8 I spent in all of 2015. Despite some issues mainly caused by the date of the last update – this guide is very easy to use and is great for beginners. This book, covering wildflowers, also covers goldenrod plants and some vines.
the peterson field guide series: a field guide to the ferns and their related families // boughton cobb


the peterson field guide series: a field guide to trees and shrubs
This book was a congratulatory gift on my recent employment as an outdoor educator from a very good friend of mine. I had been looking for a trees guide specifically for winter identification (no leaf focus) – which this guide has in the back!
peterson field guide: eastern birds // roger tory peterson


I recently picked up this guide at a thrift store and it has been very helpful for learning more about birds – anatomy, species, habitats of different birds. I look forward to using this guide more in 2018 when the migratory birds return.
field manual of michigan flora // edward g voxx & anton a reznicek
The Field Manual of Michigan Flora is a 995 page identification guide covering the area around the great lakes. The only pictures in this guide are maps. There are no photos of plants in this guide, making it helpful to double check using another guide (or the internet) after coming to an identification. I took a course in university where we were taught how to use the guide – and I decided that I needed to invest in a copy as it is the most useful guide as it covers grasses, aquatic plants, trees, flowers – and more.
peterson field guides: ferns of northeastern and central north america // cobb, farnsworth, lowe
I have only used this guide once, however, it was very helpful at differentiating between ferns.
plant identfication terminology: an illustrated glossary // james g harris & melinda woolf harris
This is not a field guide, however, it can assist in the identification process. The Plant Identification Terminology book is filled with common and uncommon terms used in plant identification guides and their definitions. This book can aid the identification process for those not familiar with plant biology and anatomy.
shrubs of ontario // james h soper & margaret l heimburger
Despite the blurry photograph, the Shrubs of Ontario guide is very clear and easy to use – even for beginners – to determine shrub identification.
lone pine field guide: animal tracks of ontario // ian sheldon
I picked up this guide at my local thrift store for $1.99. It covers mammals, birds, amphibians, and reptiles in Ontario. I am yet to have it on me when hiking – however I look forward to using it in the future for track identification.
peterson field guides: venomous animals and poisonous plants // steven foster & roger caras
Like the Animal Tracks of Ontario guide above, I got this book for $3.99 from my local thrift store. This guide had some colour photographs along with hand drawings of plants and I only recently purcahsed this book so I am yet to use it in the field.

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