feeding the red-breasted nuthatch

October 31st, 11:00am, a red-breasted nuthatch feeding out of my hard in the woods behind my work.

Red-breasted Nuthatch, Sitta canadensis

The red breasted nuthatch is a non-migratory bird native to Canada and the United States. This species is relatively small in size with a sharp, pointed face and a distinctive rusty orange/red underside.


This bird is not of concern for being threatened, however, the removal of dead trees negatively impacts this species as it decreases the availability of nesting materials and habitat.

When searching for food, this species will move up and down trees or branches probing for food. This explains my interaction with this species today, as the red-breasted nuthatch’s were actively searching me for food. The bird landed on my head, on my shoulder – pecking at my face, on my shoe – pecking at my shoelaces.

October 31st, 11:00am, in the woods behind my work.
more information about the red-breasted nuthatch can be found here.

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