how do your daily choices impact your world?

I work at an outdoor education centre and out main theme and question for the students that come to visit is this: how do your daily choices impact your world? Over the course of the visiting students trip to our centre we teach many lessons and cover various sustainability topics. All of which, the goal is to have the students becoming more aware of their actions and what it means for our planet.

This board is one of my favourite components to our program because it demonstrates whether or not the students made the connection of what their choices mean for the environment.

This is our cork board where we highlight various student answers to the question: How do your daily choices impact your world?

Below are some photos of student responses from September and early October.

“If every person does 1 thing every day to help the invironment the world will be a better place even if it is the smallest thing it counts. like putting trash away.”
“I walk to school every single day because I don’t have a car so I don’t pollute the streets with gasoline.”
“My daily choices impact my world. Each meal I’ll only take what I can eat.”
“A choice I make to help the world is just to turn off the lights. If everyone did something just as simple as that a lot of energy could be SAVED!”
“If you make bad choices, like if you litter, then the air gets polluted and your air gets bad!”

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    1. kindlykrista says:

      Thank you jkaybay! I will check those posts out!


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