vegan friendly beavertails

It is not often that my coworkers and I get to have a night off at the same time, but when we do: we make an evening out of it. Last week, Olivia, Sam and I, left the island and went to Beaver Tails at the harbourfront.

The staff were very knowledgeable on veganism and were able to lay out our options and identify which beaver tails are or could be made vegan. This made my vegan coworker and I feel very comfortable and welcome in eating here.

Olivia ordered the classic beavertail: cinnamon sugar, and I ordered a coco vanil’ beavertail which can be made vegan without the butter or chocolate sauce on top.

Olivia’s favourite beavertail: the cinnamon sugar beavertail
My first ever beavertail: coco vanil’

Vegan Friendy Beavertail Options:

  1. Cinnamon & Sugar
  2. Maple (without butter or chocolate sauce)
  3. Apple Cinnamon (without caramel or butter)
  4. Coco Vanil’ (without butter or chocolate sauce on top)

*please note that this list may change and that it is always worth asking before you order

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