Island Exploration

Being new to Toronto Island calls for some exploration in my free time. This week, I took Wednesday evening off and went for a long bike ride from Hanlans Point to Wards Island.


I took this photo on 9/13/2017 around 18:45. I was on a bike ride up to Hanlan’s Point and had to pull over to take a photo of the view. I will be returning to this spot many times to capture the change in trees and leaves.

The island is very different from everywhere else I have ever visited. The island’s gardens are perfectly manicured at all times, some of the trees are distinctly older than other trees in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), and there are no cars! The atmosphere on the island is very different from the downtown areas of Toronto and can be described as relaxed.

The island has clearly been designed to be a point of beauty for both the locals and the tourists during the Summer season. It is a shame that this area is prone to flooding as over time this will degrade the island’s shorelines and will likely negatively effect biodiversity.



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