Mono Cliffs Outdoor Education Centre Visit

My first week working for the Toronto District School Board included a day full of training with the other interns and Outdoor Education staff at the Mono Cliffs location.

On Monday night we drove up to the centre where we stayed overnight in the student dorms. Luckily for me, my good friend Alex was one of the interns that came for the overnight portion of the visit which gave us time to share photos of plants and take a morning hike to identify plants at the centre the next morning.

The day was filled with reflection and consideration on how each location enhance the student experience regarding Indigenous people’s knowledge. Additionally, we reviewed signs of abuse in children and recognizing signs even in the short time span we will have kids at our locations.

The Mono Cliffs Outdoor Education Centre had very delicious and vegan friendly options including hummus for the wraps, both vegan and non vegan salad dressings, a vegan soup option, WOW butter (nut free peanut butter substitute), and the dessert options were all vegan friendly!

Morning stroll at the Mono Cliffs Outdoor Education Centre with my friend Alex.



One interesting feature that this location had, that I have never seen before elsewhere, was the hand dryer in the bathrooms. Instead of the usual paper towel dispenser, these bathrooms held cloth towel rolls. This is an interesting item as it eliminates or minimizes the use of paper towels which may end up in landfills.

The cloth towel dispenser in the bathrooms of the Mono Cliffs Outdoor Education Centre.

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