What’s your Earth Day Resolution?

birchhillslive blog 2 earth day resolution

Many people use January 1st as the day to make and stick to new goals. In my opinion, the best day to commit to bettering yourself or making changes is today. There is no time like the present so why wait for Monday, next month or January first when today is the best day to make a change?

With that being said, here are 5 easy eco resolutions you can make this Earth Day that will lessen your environmental impact.

1) Eat less meat. It’s no secret that the cost of raising meat takes a toll on the environment and is a leading cause of climate change. Participating in Meatless Mondays or opting for a vegetarian option at a restaurant will reduce your ecological footprint.

2) Use less energy. No matter what you choose, whether it be air drying your laundry, relying on daylight instead of the lights in the morning, or keeping the oven door closed when in use, it makes a difference.

3) Opt for products with sustainable packaging. Choosing recyclable or compostable packaging over plastic sends a message to manufacturers and means you bring home less plastic and garbage.

4) Give your unwanted clothes and household goods to second-hand stores or charities. Donating your unwanted items vs throwing them away is better for the environment. Every item that goes to a second-hand store has the chance to be reused and repurposed and reduces the need for new items to be made which saves natural resources.

5) Buy in-season produce. Eating seasonally is an easy way to reduce the environmental impact of the food you eat as it reduces the demand for foods from other areas. This will reduce the environmental costs of transportation and refrigeration as it will increase your dependence on local farmers.

No matter what you choose to reduce your environmental impact, it’s important to remember that all changes matter and make a difference. Good luck with your Earth Day Resolutions!

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